Friday, September 17, 1999

It’s cafe Calavera’s 1 year birthday today!

That's right - exactly 1 year ago Cafe Calavera started out as 'The Mega Monkey Grim Fandango Page' - boy has the Cafe come a LONG way since then.

To celebrate - I am going to add tons of new content on the page all throughout the day! Here's what to expect:

More Games!
More Downloads
Saved Games - as well as a forum just to request saved games
Upgrades of all the features of Cafe Calavera (many are already implemented)
And Much More

Update Guide:
3:18 AM EST: I fixed the links on the download page and added 6 more downloads!
7:57 PM EST: New Grim Fandango Save Game Forum added!
8:24 PM EST: New Cafe Calavera General Forum added!

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