Monday, June 16, 2008

Adventure Games for Microsoft Xbox

The Microsoft Xbox was released on 11/15/01 in North America. It used DVD-ROM media.

Uncover a conspiracy behind the lucid-dream inducing technology WATIcorp has developed.

As a CSI in Las Vegas, you are tasked to solve five cases of murder.
Kate Walker abandons her life in New York to accompany an inventor to a land where mammoths still live.

Travel to the Congo to meet a scientist who has claimed to have found a source of unlimited energy.

The stranger searches for a book of Ages which was stolen by a man who seeks vengeance upon the man who wrote it. 
Ryo's search for the man who killed his father brings him to Hong Kong.
American lawyer Kate Walker is sent to France to finalize a takeover of a factory, but things take a different turn.