Monday, June 16, 2008

Adventure International was founded by Scott and Alexis Adams in 1978. They sold text adventures, now commonly known as interactive fiction. Their first game, Adventureland, was the first adventure game that was sold commercially. The company went bankrupt in 1985 as a result of the video game crash of 1983. The rights to the games eventually reverted to Scott Adams, who released them for free as shareware through the website of Scott Adams Grand Adventures.

There was also a company called Adventure International UK, which converted the Adventure International games to computers that were popular in the United Kingdom at the time, and also made some games of their own using the same interpreter used in the Adventure International games.  After Adventure International went bankrupt, they began to release games as Horrorsoft beginning in 1989, and in 1992 they began using the name Adventure Soft, which still is in operation to this day.

Return to Pirate's Island in search of treasure.

To save the dying king, retrieve a magic elixir from a faraway land, before it's too late.
Explore a remote island, which is currently facing a hurricane and an active volcano. Part one needs to be completed to play part two. 
Continue exploring the island to discover the secret hidden within. Part two is played with a code earned from completing part one.

Collect items around Count Dracula's castle so that you can ultimately put an end to the evil vampire.
Retrieve thirteen treasures from an abandoned goldmine-era town by searching Boot Hill and the mine.
Find your way through the mysterious fun house before the park closes and you are thrown out.
Find all of the treasures in a recently discovered Egyptian pyramid and escape alive.
Teleport to distant worlds to collect items, so you can fix your spaceship and return home.

Enter a castle and remove the curse that has been placed on Count Cristo by his enemies.

As a secret agent, you must race against time to complete your mission before a nuclear power plant explodes.


The first commercial adventure game. Travel through an enchanted world in a search for 13 treasures.
Travel from your London flat to a tropical island in search of pirates' gold.