Monday, June 16, 2008

Law & Order: Legacies

Telltale Games has made an agreement to make games based on NBC Universal properties.  The first television license to be announced under that agreement is based on Law & Order.  When it was originally announced in 2010, the game was going to be based on Law & Order: Los Angeles.  After that series was cancelled, the game was revamped to include fan favorite characters from every Law & Order series.  The game is going to consist of seven episodes.  The first two episodes were released on December 22 for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad (in one single universal app).  The remaining episodes were released in 2012, along with PC and MacOS versions.

Telltale posted a notice that the game was no longer available to purchase digitally in November 2015.  As it was released for Windows at retail, that is the only version that is still available to purchase. You can purchase that version at Amazon.

Detective Rey Curtis investigates a murder of a maid in a 5-star hotel with the help of Olivia Benson from the SVU.
Released: iOS 12/22/11, PC/Mac 1/24/12
In 1999, Rey Curtis and Lennie Briscoe investigate when a body is discovered with a gash on the thigh.
Released: iOS 12/22/11, PC/Mac 1/24/12
Detective Mike Logan consults with the 27th precinct when he investigates a string of dumped bodies in Long Island.
Released: iOS 1/6/12, PC/Mac 1/24/12
On New Year's Eve 1999, the battered body of a young boy is found in an alley.
Released: iOS 1/20/12, PC/Mac 2/18/12
A woman is murdered and the only witness is her blind son who can identify the suspect by the sound of their voice.
Released: iOS 2/9/12, PC/Mac 2/18/12
A murder investigation at a prep school uncovers a dark secret being kept by parents and faculty members.
Released: iOS 2/25/12, PC/Mac 3/29/12
The element that ties the cases together is revealed, and the culprit is uncovered.
Released: iOS 3/26/12, PC/Mac 3/29/12