Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Enter The Story: The Count of Monte Cristo Is Out

I missed this one when it was released in August. The Count of Monte Cristo is the latest game in Chris Tolworthy's ambitous adventure game series that aims to create interactive versions of classic literature.

This game improves upon the previous games based on player feedback. Actions can be completed by single clicking the right or left mouse button rather than the double clicking the right mouse button, and the middle mouse button is now supported for menus. It also has a much more focused story, as it focuses on one main central character, and the side characters now have full movement as there are fifty fully mobile sprites. More color has been added into this game by popular request.

The story is also improved based on feedback. There's less jumping around between locations, and clues are delivered wherever you are to reduce confusion. Also, due to reviewers early feeling the story moved too slowly, the story in this game has been adjusted to make it flow more quickly.

The Count of Monte Cristo is available for $7.99 USD or in a package with all five Enter the Story games for $14.99.

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