Saturday, December 31, 2011

Infamous Adventures' Space Quest II Remake is Out

Infamous Adventures has released their free fan remake of Space Quest II, which is available here. The remake is made in the adventure game creation program, Adventure Game Studio. It was made in the style of Sierra's later SCI remakes, giving the game a mouse controlled interface, removing the arrow key sensitive deaths, updating the graphics (the game aims to emulate the 256 color VGA graphics of the official Sierra remakes of the 1990's, although the game features a higher color palette), as well as new music, voices and sound effects.

It is made without approval of Activision (the current license holders of the Sierra franchises), but it has the (unofficial) approval of one of the original creator of Space Quest, Scott Murphy, as well as Josh Mandel (co-creator of Space Quest 6), who performs the voice of David Letterdroid in this remake.

In other Space Quest fan game news, a new Space Quest fangame with a new storyline (also created with Adventure Game Studio) called Vohaul Strikes Back has also just been released. It's a good time to be a Space Quest fan, since the fans are keeping the franchise alive.

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