Sunday, June 10, 2012

SpaceVenture Prototype Demo #4 Is Out

The fourth playable prototype demo of SpaceVenture, the new game by the creators of Space Quest that is going to be created if enough money is raised on the SpaceVenture kickstarter, is out now.

The new prototype has four possible deaths, a playable Cluck Y'egger II minigame, and new animation. The demo is playable in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers, as well as on iPad. The final game won't require a browser to play. If you enjoyed the demo, and/or enjoyed Space Quest, back the SpaceVenture kickstarter by picking a tier on which to pledge your money, and get various goodies in the process.

The project is currently at just over $450,000US of it's $500,000US goal with just less than two days to go. It's still very possible that this will be funded, but it's certainly going to be a close one. Every new pledge (and upgraded pledge) helps.

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