Thursday, July 19, 2012

Insecticide Part II Cutscenes Released

Crackpot's action adventure hybrid, Insecticide, went through some tough times during it's development. The game was supposed to come out on PC and PlayStation Portable, so both platforms would get the same game. But, the PSP version was shelved and it was moved to the Nintendo DS. The entire game was released on the Nintendo DS (although it was slimmed down from it's PC counterpart due to the hardware restrictions of the platform, losing voice acting and having still frames rather than animation in some of the cutscenes). Publisher Gamecock decided to release the PC version as a two part episodic release. The first part was finished and released, but Gamecock was purchased by Southpeak Interactive before the second part was finished. The new publisher scrapped the second part, and Insecticide has gone unfinished on PC ever since.

The good news is that the cutscenes were finished for the second part of the PC version, and were promised to be released for years. Any legal or other hurdles that were preventing the release of the cutscenes have finally been overcome, as the entire Insecticide PC cutscene collection (including both Part I and the unreleased Part II) has been released on YouTube. So, the Nintendo DS version is still the only way to play the full game of Insecticide, but PC users at least can experience most of the story now.

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