Andrew Chaikin, also known by his stage name Kid Beyond, is an American singer, beat boxer, live looper, inventor, and voice actor based in the San Francisco, California area.

He first became known to adventure gamers in 2005 when he performed the voices of Phoney Bone and Ted the bug in Bone: Out From Boneville.

Roles in Adventure Games

2015Back to the Future: The Game: 30th Anniversary EditionCliff Tannen/Riff Tannenvoice
2014Gabriel Knight: 25th Anniversary EditionToussaint Gervaisvoice
2014The Walking Dead: Season TwoCarlosvoice
2014The Wolf Among UsGrendelvoice
2013The Walking Dead: 400 DaysRomanvoice
2011Back to the Future: The GameBiff Tannen/Cliff Tannen/Riff Tannenvoice
2010CSI: Fatal ConspiracyBrian Reid/John Barrett/Sergeant Tim Lippvoice
2010Nelson Tethers: Puzzle AgentBo Murphyvoice
2010Sam & Max: The Devil's PlayhouseNarrator/Gordon/Papierwaite/Jedidiah Molemanvoice
2009CSI: Deadly IntentAiram Dominguez/Steve Tampson/Gary Beaumontvoice
2009Tales of Monkey IslandBugeye/Coronado De Cava/Pirate Ted/Murkel Trenchfoot / Captain McGillicuttyvoice
2006Sam & Max Season One
(Culture Shock only)
2006Bone: The Great Cow RacePhoney Bonevoice
2006CSI: 3 Dimensions of MurderAndy Penmore/Michael Duboisvoice
2005Bone: Out From BonevillePhoney Bone/Ted the bugvoice

Roles in Non-Adventure Games Covered by The Adventuress

2010Poker Night at the InventoryTychovoice