Android is a platform for cellular phones, tablets, and set top devices designed by Google. The first Android version was released on September 23, 2008.

Adventure Games for Android:
Not Yet Released

A space themed comedy adventure game from the Two Guys From Andromeda, the Space Quest creators.

Telltale adapts the hit HBO series based on a series of novels into an episodic game.
Telltale tells tales of The Borderlands in this episodic adaptation of the hit videogame series by Gearbox.

While helping spirits move to the afterlife, Rosa finds herself having to deal with a foe that her aunt Lauren faced 35 years earlier.
After her aunt dies, Rosa Blackwell inherits her spirit guide, helps ghosts into the afterlife and discovers who is causing their deaths.
In 1973, Rosa's aunt Lauren works with her spirit guide Joey to help ghosts into the afterlife and ultimately discover who killed them.
A journalist visits an old man who claimed 60 years ago he saw a giant bird in the mysterious Amerzone region.
Beware of the Walking Dead in Telltale's adaptation of the popular comic book and novel series.
Telltale's adventure set in the world of The Walking Dead comics continues.
Telltale brings classic fables to the modern era in their adaptation of the popular comic book series.

Ron Gilbert's return to adventure games has you choose three character types to explore the mysterious sentient cave.
American lawyer Kate Walker is sent to France to finalize a takeover of a factory, but things take a different turn.