Here are the games for macOS. These include both the games for macOS (formerly known as OS X) and the older releases that ran in Mac OS Classic.

Bruce Wayne's adventures in Gotham continue in the second season of Telltale's Batman series.
A beginner thief joins Hero-U and must choose to continue his quest to join the Thieves' Guild or become a rogue hero.

Double Fine's remastered version of Full Throttle, with high definition graphics.
Telltale and Marvel have teamed up to create a game series project based on Guardians of the Galaxy.
Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, David Fox, and Mark Ferrari return to adventure games with a comedic murder mystery.
The survivors continue to struggle against zombies in Telltale's third season of their adaptation of The Walking Dead comics.

Telltale and DC Comics have teamed up to create an episodic game based on Batman.
Double Fine's remastered version of Day of the Tentacle, with new high definition graphics and multiple control schemes.
Solve a mystery in the supernatural underworld in Okam's adaptation of the Dog Mendoça & Pizzaboy comic book series.
After the captain of the Brazen Blade drowns in an Azurrbean ocean, a brutish pirate named Duke longs to take his place.
Telltale's cinematic choice and consequence based cinematic story-based adventure set in the world of Minecraft.
A three episodes miniseries tells the story of Michonne when she was missing from the comics.

An epidemic known as "The Vague" sweeps the Cosmos. Alum steps outside the system he has always known and seeks answers.
A magical plague is taking over the human world, so the foursome find themselves working together again to stop it.
Tim Schafer's return to adventure games follows a boy and a girl who are living parallel lives.
Zoë Castillo's journey continues in a game developed by Ragnar Tørnquist's Red Thread Games.
A man who just moved into a new apartment with his wife must discover the secret behind the dream machine.
Telltale adapts the hit HBO series based on a series of novels into an episodic game.
Double Fine's remastered version of Grim Fandango, with live recorded instrumental music, and improved textures and lighting.
A girl named Ana Eberling discovers her legacy in a form of a mysterious present by her father who went missing years ago.
Telltale tells tales of The Borderlands in this episodic adaptation of the hit video game series by Gearbox.

While helping spirits move to the afterlife, Rosa finds herself having to deal with a foe that her aunt Lauren faced 35 years earlier.
After her aunt dies, Rosa Blackwell inherits her spirit guide, helps ghosts into the afterlife and discovers who is causing their deaths.
In 1973, Rosa's aunt Lauren works with her spirit guide Joey to help ghosts into the afterlife and ultimately discover who killed them.
Tim Schafer's return to adventure games follows a boy and a girl who are living parallel lives.
George and Nico investigate a theft of a mysterious painting from a Paris gallery and uncover a conspiracy.
Zoë Castillo's journey continues in a game developed by Ragnar Tørnquist's Red Thread Games.
A man who just moved into a new apartment with his wife must discover the secret behind the dream machine.
A re-imagined Gabriel Knight 1 with new high definition art, music, and new voice overs.
A real estate salesman seeks to make a fortune in Florida during the roaring 20's.
An investigation of a series of events by an antiques dealer yields details which hold a bizarre significance.
A adventure and RPG hybrid where a man is trying to start his life over after running away from a shady past.
A remake of the original Shadowgate, with high definition art, music, and new stories and puzzles.
Tex Murphy wakes up to find his memories of the last seven years have been erased, and Tex must find out who did it and why.
Telltale's adventure set in the world of The Walking Dead comics continues.
Telltale brings classic fables to the modern era in their adaptation of the popular comic book series.

Ron Gilbert's return to adventure games has you choose three character types to explore the mysterious sentient cave.
An FBI agent with the ability to see into the past finds clues that hint that some one is targeting her for her abilities.
A gender ambiguous detective has fallen upon hard times, and ends up taking a high profile case to find a missing singer.
Bud Mudd claims to have found gold, so his brother Fester goes to Loamsmouth to find his brother and the gold.
In Joshua Nuernberger's dystopian future adventure, a law enforcer has to rescue his brother from Center 7.
Rufus makes clones of himself to find Goal, to get to the paradise spaceship Elysium, and to save Deponia from destruction.

Goal's personality is split into three pieces and Rufus must persuade each personality to fuse into one again.
Goal, a wealthy woman, falls unconcious on the garbage planet of Deponia and is found by an angry man named Rufus.
Bwana and Kito have run the Gas n' Charter ever since they were mysteriously abandoned by their father.
Solve multiple cases with fan favorite characters from the entire run of the Law & Order franchise.
Beware of the Walking Dead in Telltale's adaptation of the popular comic book and novel series.

A journalist visits an old man who claimed 60 years ago he saw a giant bird in the mysterious Amerzone region.
The episodic time traveling adventures of the cast from the Back to the Future movies.
The director's cut with new close-up art. Rescue your girlfriend and uncover the secrets behind the upcoming eclipse.
Sumo Digital and Revolution's Charles Cecil bring another episodic adventure of Doctor Who to PC and Mac.
The episodic adventures of a hot-headed foul-mouthed Detective Inspector named Hector.
Venture into Jurassic Park in this episodic adventure series by Telltale Games.
The mystery of Scoggins will finally be solved in the sequel to Telltale's puzzle adventure game.
Telltale and Videlectrix show the Homestar Runner universe through the eyes of Strong Bad.
Enter the mind of a hospitalized woman and try to make sense out of the images of her dreams.

The director's cut with new art and gameplay. Investigate murder, uncover a conspiracy and clear your name.
Sumo Digital and Revolution's Charles Cecil bring Doctor Who to the PC and Mac with four interactive episodes.
LucasArts' special edition of the second Monkey Island with high definition art, music, and voice overs.
An FBI agent must solve puzzles to uncover the truth behind the closing of an eraser factory.
Telltale Games' episodic adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police continue with more crazy cases.
Telltale Games' second season of the misadventures of everyone's favorite freelance police, Sam & Max.
LucasArts' re-imagined version of the original Monkey Island with new high definition art, music, and voice overs.
Telltale developed this installment. Guybrush tries to defeat LeChuck, and ends up cursing the entire Caribbean.

Set in the land of Oz from L. Frank Baum's novels, a private detective named Petra takes on a case to find a mysterious woman's fiancé.
Autumn Moon's full length LucasArts-styled adventure. Use supernatural powers to escape vampire hunters.

Telltale Games lets you take on the role of a CSI once more as you solve five more cases in Las Vegas.

Phoney Bone gets the Bone cousins tossed out of town. A swarm of locusts cause the Bones to get lost in a new land.

As a CSI in Las Vegas, you are tasked to solve five cases of murder.

The final Monkey Island game has Guybrush fighting an Australian who is buying all the land in the Carribean.

The hero enters a contest to become king of Silmaria, but an assassin is killing off all of the contestants.

Rescue your girlfriend and uncover the secrets behind the upcoming eclipse.
While just doing his job, Feeble gets caught in a plan to overthrow the government.
A private in the Inquisition Guard is tasked to explore an unknown area of the Great Underground Empire.

Sixty years after The 7th Guest, a reporter enters Stauf's mansion after his producer disappears during a murder investigation.
Investigate a murder in Paris, uncover a conspiracy and try to clear your name.
In this early casual adventure game, each adventure is different as each game is randomly generated.
While on a cruise ship, Larry has to cheat to win a weekly contest held by Captain Thygh.
Christopher Lloyd is Drew Blanc, an animator who ends up in a cartoon world of his own creation.

A point and click adventure game targeted towards young girls that revolves around search and discovery.
Based on a concept by Steven Spielberg. Three astronauts investigate an asteroid and are taken to another planet.
Tim Schafer's first heavy metal game. Save your gang, your girlfriend, and your very way of life.
Gabriel inherits a castle in Germany. Once there, he investigates the apparent werewolf-related death of a little girl.
A writer named Adrienne Delaney moves into a mansion where a demon possesses her husband's body.
A teenager is dared by his friends to spend the night inside of a haunted museum.
Foil the evil sorcerer Sordid's plans of revenge.
Roger resumes his role as a janitor, but it's not long before he stumbles into another adventure.
Torin, a son of a farmer on the planet Strata must rescue his family and defeat the evil sorceress Lycentia.

The evil jester Malcolm, the villain from book one, attempts to prove his innocence in the crime of killing the king and queen of Kyrandia.
Separated, mother and daughter must find each other and save the kingdom of Eldritch.
A private investigator is hired to spy on a house of a wealthy man running for president of the USA, to find incriminating information.

Enter Stauf's mansion and solve the riddles of the diabolical machinations inside.
Alluded to in Bright Side of the Moon. Travel through time and stop an evil tentacle from taking over the world.
Freddy Pharkas must discover who is scaring away all of the land owners in Coarsegold and put a stop to it.
Gabriel Knight finds out about his Schattenjäger heritage, and is tasked with stopping a series of voodoo killings.
Alluded to in Bright Side of the Moon. Break into a spooky mansion to save your cheerleader girlfriend.
Los Angeles homicide detective John Carey investigates a serial killing where his ex-partner was one of the victims.
While on holiday in the Valley of the Sparrows, you must put an end to the powers that have destroyed the land.
The original Sam & Max game by LucasArts. The duo travel across the USA in search of a missing Bigfoot.

Alluded to in Homestar Ruiner. Uncover the power of the lost city of Atlantis before the Nazis.
Brandon, an inhabitant of the Kingdom of Kyrandia, attempts to free both his grandfather and the kingdom itself from an evil curse.
Alexander sets sail for the Green Isles in search of the beautiful Princess Cassima.

Solve all of the puzzles in order to become the assistant to the mad-scientist Dr. Brain.
A voodoo doll causes King Angoulafre to go mad, so three gobliiins search for Niak the Wizard to help the king.
An amnesiac Larry searches the USA for girls to star in a TV show and tries to regain his memory.
Alluded to in Host Master. Search for a treasure with powers that can get rid of the dreaded pirate LeChuck for good.
Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, must solve three cases in this live action full motion video adventure.
Roger travels through time to try to avoid being captured by an old enemy.

Search for and defeat an evil wizard who has stolen your castle and your family.
Alluded to in Moai Better Blues. Hone your magical powers as you uncover a plot to control the threads of existence.
Often alluded to in Telltale's games. Become a pirate, defeat an evil ghost captain, and rescue the governor.

A navel officer is sent to Tunisia to rescue a US ambassador in order to prevent war.
The origin of the fine leather jackets in-joke. Rescue Indy's father from the Nazis and recover the holy grail.
Work with the aliens while secretly working to get rid of them.
An adventure/RPG hybrid where you must battle monsters and solve quests to become a hero.
Rescue the two guys from Andromeda from the evil ScumSoft corporation.

Sell your home in New York and head out to Gold Rush-era California to strike it rich.
Travel to the kingdom of Tamir to save a fairy and find a magical fruit to heal your dying father.
In this adventure game for children, open a manhole cover to find a beanstalk leading to fantastic worlds.
A curse made by Megaboz the Magnificent must be lifted by Curse Day or the empire will fall.

In this game aimed at children, nursery rhymes are mixed up and you have to fix them.
The last of the great hero kings enters Castle Shadowgate to stop the Warlock Lord from summoning a hell demon.
The Sarien leader seeks revenge on intrepid janitor Roger Wilco.

A slave to a wizard must escape from the wizard's house without the wizard finding out what he is up to.
A janitor must save his planet from alien invaders known as the Sariens.

Travel to a faraway land to rescue the beautiful Valanice from a witch who has imprisoned her in an ivory tower.

Sir Graham is chosen to find the three treasures of Daventry. Once he finds them, he shall become king.

A voice says you have passed all tests but one. Survive the horrors of the dungeon and you earn your reward.

Enter the Great Underground Empire once again on a quest to defeat the wizard of Frobozz.

Travel through the Great Underground Empire to find the Nineteen Treasures of Zork.