King's Quest: Adventures of Graham

King's Quest: Adventures of Graham (also known simply as King's Quest) is the ninth official game in the King's Quest series. It was revealed in August 2014 in the same announcement that confirmed that Activision brought back the Sierra brand as their indie label.

The game was developed by The Odd Gentlemen, the developers of the puzzle game The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom. Roberta Williams was not involved in the development of the game, but The Odd Gentlemen had a meeting with Roberta and Ken Williams where they showed them the game, and Roberta had said that the game's design was similar to the direction in which she would have taken the series.

King's Quest 9 has been in various stages of development on and off for over a decade at five different studios. The game by The Odd Gentlemen utilizes ideas from all of these incarnations, other than the King's Quest game by Silicon Knights. Nothing is known about this version since its existence was only brought to public knowledge through documents released in 2011 during the Silicon Knights lawsuit against Epic Games.

Roberta Williams had revealed in an interview with Talkspot in 1998 that she had ideas for a King's Quest 9 at Sierra, wherein King Graham would have been too old to go on his own adventures. The premise of King's Quest: Adventures of Graham is that an old King Graham, who is now too old to go on any more adventures, tells his granddaughter Gwendolyn about adventures he had when he was younger, the first of which predates King's Quest I.

Vivendi Universal had a King's Quest game in development between 2001 and 2002, in which the protagonist had the ability to jump.  King's Quest: Adventures of Graham is direct-controlled, and includes some mechanics not usually found in adventure games, including occasionally being able to jump (although these moments are rare, and can only be done at specific points as indicated by an icon).

Telltale Games had a King's Quest game in development between 2011 and when they lost the license in 2013, which was going to be released episodicallyKing's Quest: Adventures of Graham was released in five episodes, with the first episode releasing in July 2015 and the remaining episodes releasing in the following months.  There was also a playable epilogue, which was only available in King's Quest: The Complete Edition or the retail editions of King's Quest: Adventures of Graham, which contained all five episodes.

Graham tells his granddaughter Gwyndolyn the story of the first day he arrived in Daventry.
Released: PC/PS4/PS3: 07/28/15, 360/One: 07/29/15
Before he even has a chance to get used to being king, Graham has to save the kingdom from invading Goblins.
Released: PC/PS4/PS3/360/One: 12/15/15
King Graham embarks on a dangerous quest to rescues his future wife, and Daventry's future Queen, Princess Valanice.
Released: PC/PS4/PS3/360/One: 4/26/16
King Graham, Queen Valanice, and their children Princess Rosella and Prince Alexander, go on a quest together in a frozen realm.
Released: PC/PS4/PS3/360/One: 9/27/16