A Vampyre Story: Year One

A Vampyre Story: Year One will be the prequel to A Vampyre Story, a game by Autumn Moon Entertainment, lead by The Curse of Monkey Island art director Bill Tiller. This game will be downloadable and episodic, and consist of four episodes, featuring the four seasons of the first year of Mona's imprisonment.  The game will feature Mona and Froderick before the start of A Vampyre Story, and will let players explore new parts of Castle Warg and Draxylvania that weren't shown before.

The game had an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter in 2013, and Bill Tiller originally stated that the game was not cancelled and that work would be done in Mr. Tiller's spare time. However, in a 2018 interview with Arcade Attack, Bill Tiller mentioned that he would no longer be making his own games as he hasn't been successful in raising funds for them and he doesn't own the computer game rights to A Vampyre Story.