Star Wars: Yoda Stories

Yoda Stories was LucasArts' second and last attempt at a casual adventure game. Like Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures before it, there is no music and no voice work as it was meant as a simple time waster (there is even a hide key to hide the game when your boss was looking).  The story, the puzzles, and the game world are randomly generated, so each game is different.  Each game is meant to be played quickly, it should take no more than a half an hour to play each game.  Luke is controlled with the keyboard and the mouse button is used to control actions and solve puzzles.

It was released in March 1997 for Windows and was later ported to the Game Boy Color in 1999. Neither version is available for sale anymore, although since Yoda Stories was sold at retail, both versions can still be purchased on the used games market.

Explore Star Wars: Yoda Stories, courtesy of Mos Eisley Cantina: