Monday, June 16, 2008

The Apple ][ was a popular computer, first released in 1977.

Sell your home in New York and head out to Gold Rush-era California to strike it rich.
Travel to the kingdom of Tamir to save a fairy and find a magical fruit to heal your dying father.
In a future where Earth has been invaded by aliens, try to overthrow them and save humanity.
A curse made by Megaboz the Magnificent must be lifted by Curse Day or the empire will fall.

The god-like Implementors task you with recovering the Coconut of Quendor from the Ur-grue.
A loser hits on women all night before he finds one that will sleep with him.
Alluded to in Bright Side of the Moon. Break into a spooky mansion to save your cheerleader girlfriend.
In this game aimed at children, nursery rhymes are mixed up and you have to fix them.
A cop patrols the street, then goes undercover to take down "The Death Angel".
The Sarien leader seeks revenge on intrepid janitor Roger Wilco.

Protect a mystical pig and prevent evil from escaping the Black Cauldron.
A slave to a wizard must escape from the wizard's house without the wizard finding out what he is up to.
You are sucked into a movie theater screen of the movie Labyrinth. Now you must escape the labyrinth yourself.
A janitor must save his planet from alien invaders known as the Sariens.

Travel to a faraway land to rescue the beautiful Valanice from a witch who has imprisoned her in an ivory tower.

This is a simplified remake of The Dark Crystal aimed at children. Typing is not required. Actions are chosen from a list.
Sir Graham is chosen to find the three treasures of Daventry. Once he finds them, he shall become king.
Join Mickey in a space adventure in this game aimed at children. Typing is not required. Actions are chosen from a list.
Join Winnie the Pooh in this game aimed at children. Typing is not required. Actions are chosen from a list.

A Gelfling named Jen must heal the Dark Crystal, which holds the power of nature, by finding a lost shard.
15 treasures were stolen by an evil troll in this children's adventure. Typing isn't required. Actions are chosen from a list.

A detective must investigate an apparent suicide which is more than it seems.
In this adventure game aimed at children, you must free 16 animals which have been captured by a dragon.
A black hole mining ship investigates an anomaly that turns out to be a giant ship of unknown origin and composition.
Travel through time, solve puzzles, and meet historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.
A voice says you have passed all tests but one. Survive the horrors of the dungeon and you earn your reward.

Enter Cranston Manor to find the 16 treasures to break the curse of the town of Coarsegold.
Collect items around Count Dracula's castle so that you can ultimately put an end to the evil vampire.
Retrieve thirteen treasures from an abandoned goldmine-era town by searching Boot Hill and the mine.
Find your way through the mysterious fun house before the park closes and you are thrown out.
Find all of the treasures in a recently discovered Egyptian pyramid and escape alive.
The text adventure that was the basis for Leisure Suit Larry.  Find items to win the affections of various women.
Teleport to distant worlds to collect items, so you can fix your spaceship and return home.
In ancient Greece, Ulysses must retrieve the golden fleece, a treasure which is protected by the gods.
Enter the Great Underground Empire once again on a quest to defeat the wizard of Frobozz.

An astronaut must travel to an asteroid, and blow it up before it collides with the Earth.
Locked inside an old house, search for treasure and uncover a murderer or else become the next victim.
Enter a castle and remove the curse that has been placed on Count Cristo by his enemies.
A wanderer in the kingdom of Serenia must rescue the king's daughter from an evil wizard.
Travel through the Great Underground Empire to find the Nineteen Treasures of Zork.

As a secret agent, you must race against time to complete your mission before a nuclear power plant explodes.

The first commercial adventure game. Travel through an enchanted world in a search for 13 treasures.
Travel from your London flat to a tropical island in search of pirates' gold.