Monday, June 16, 2008

The Fujitsu FM-Towns was a popular series of computers released only in Japan, starting in February 1989.

The young sorceress Zanthia must stop the kingdom of Kyrandia from disappearing.
While on holiday in the Valley of the Sparrows, you must put an end to the powers that have destroyed the land.

Alluded to in Homestar Ruiner. Uncover the power of the lost city of Atlantis before the Nazis.
Brandon, an inhabitant of the Kingdom of Kyrandia, attempts to free both his grandfather and the kingdom itself from an evil curse.
In this adventure game for children, open a manhole cover to find a beanstalk leading to fantastic worlds.

Alluded to in Host Master. Search for a treasure with powers that can get rid of the dreaded pirate LeChuck for good.

Search for and defeat an evil wizard who has stolen your castle and your family.
Alluded to in Moai Better Blues. Hone your magical powers as you uncover a plot to control the threads of existence.
Often alluded to in Telltale's games. Become a pirate, defeat an evil ghost captain, and rescue the governor.
Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, must solve three cases in this live action full motion video adventure.

The origin of the fine leather jackets in-joke. Rescue Indy's father from the Nazis and recover the holy grail.

Alluded to in Abe Lincoln Must Die. A tabloid reporter, an archeologist, and two college students save the world.