Monday, June 16, 2008

Lucidity Officially Announced

GameTrailers TV aired on Spike TV, and Lucidity was officially announced. It's a puzzle platformer, where you don't actually control the little girl Sofi, but instead place objects in her path so she can keep moving.

Sofi is a little girl who lives with her grandma, but her grandmother is old and not doing so well. Sofi drifts into a sleep, and has to travel through worlds looking for her grandma. There are 30 main levels and 15 bonus levels which can be unlocked by collecting fireflies in the main levels. A price has not been announced yet, but Lucidity will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PC later this month.

I love games like these! I spent so many hours on Lemmings as a little girl, and I loved Doublefine's excellent flash game, Tasha's Game. My anticipation for this is really high now. :D

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