Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mixnmojo's History of Grim Fandango

I've been contributing reader opinions on all of The International House of Mojo's LucasArts Secret History articles, but I keep forgetting to post about them here! >_< They are on LucasArts adventure game 13, not counting the first LucasArts adventure game, Labyrinth. The articles feature informative reviews by the Mixnmojo staff, opinions by readers of Mixnmojo about the games, behind the scenes interviews with the creators of the games, and a trivia section about fun stuff that you might have missed or might not have known about. Read the Grim Fandango Secret History, and then read the other Secret History articles in their review section. You won't be disappointed. :)

Also, Colin Panetta, the artist of the Grim Fandango header art in Mixnmojo's Grim Fandango Secret History article has updated updated his blog with a "making of" the header art and wallpapers for download.

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