Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brütal Legend Downloadable Content Available

Brütal Legend now has downloadable content available for both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. The Brütal Legend Tears of the Hextadon map pack expands the Brütal Legend Stage Battle multiplayer experience with two new multiplayer maps. The Xbox 360 got the maps first. It's available since yesterday for 400 MS Points. However, PlayStation 3 users get the better deal. The content won't be available until tomorrow, but it will be free on that system until until November 19th, when it will become $4.99, whereas Xbox 360 users will have to pay for it from the get-go.

The two maps are called Circle of Tears and Death's Fjord. In the first map, Circle of Tears, vile waters have carved a rough-hewn circular battlefield into a forsaken land that players must circumvent to destroy their opponent. In the second map, Death's Fjord, players find themselves on an icy mountain pass with a dense cluster of fans that lie below, waiting to be harvested by those brave enough to capture them without cover from enemy attack. All players who download the new map pack will receive a free axe, the Blade of Ormagöden.

Tim Schafer hosted a multiplayer death match live from Double Fine showcasing the new maps, and GameTrailers has a video of it, if you're curious on how they play.

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