Saturday, February 27, 2010

Free Telltale Game

I have one coupon for a Telltale game, but since I already own all of their games I can't use it myself. It expires tomorrow. The coupon is for Their store only. Tales of Monkey Island is for Mac and PC now, but if you own a Mac you can use the coupon on any episode and you'll get the Mac version for nothing when it comes out (note that the Bone games and Telltale Texas Hold'Em have not been announced as getting a Mac port in the future).

Since this is so late, I'll do this first come first serve. Here's the coupon BZK-F7H-623-WYN

If you're the lucky person to see this first, just put it in the coupon field when you check out and you won't have to pay anything. Remember that the code expires tomorrow.

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