Monday, February 10, 2014

Vote on the Top 10 Amnesia Fortnight Pitches

The 2014 Amnesia Fortnight Top 10 Finalists have been announced. They are:

  • Breach - a space sim 3rd person shooter by Geoffrey Soulis.
  • Dear Leader - An emergent narrative game by Anna Kipnis, where you play a despotic ruler guiding the future of a post-revolution Republic.
  • Derelict - an exploration game by Oliver Franzke, in which you'll have to find out what happened to the crew of an abandoned spaceship drifting through outer space.
  • Eras of Adventure - an adventure game by Justin Bailey that journeys through the different eras of adventure games - begin in a text based adventure, move to the 8-bit graphics era, through points & click, and finally arrive in the modern day renaissance of the genre.
  • ether - a game by Andrew Wood about the joy of exploration; skimming over the ruins of derelict ships scattered across a lonely, desolate island.
  • ExtraTerrarium - An open-world Action Puzzler by Asif Siddiky, where you observe the behavior of alien wildlife and adopt their abilities to survive in a hostile ecosystem.
  • Mneumonic - a surreal, first-person noir adventure by Derek Brand, where you explore and rearrange memories in order to solve the murder of the woman you loved. Along the way you'll discover the impermanence of your remembered experiences and uncover secrets that are found only in the deepest realms of your consciousness.
  • Project 行 - a spell-casting fighting game, by Duncan Boehle, based on the five Chinese elements.
  • Steed - a game by John Bernhelm, in which you play a horse-for-hire and save a storybook land full of inept heroes.
  • What Could Go Wrong - a summer camping slasher horror adventure game by David Gardner that captures the aesthetic of the films from the 70's and 80's. 
  • Now you can vote on the top 10 prototypes, and the three with the highest votes will be made into Amnesia Fortnight prototypes. The three winning prototypes will be announced on Thursday.

    You still can vote on the four prototype pitches by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, to decide which prototype game project he will lead as well. To get a chance to vote on the prototypes, all you have to do is head over to The 2014 Amnesia Fortnight and pay a minimum of $1 to vote on and get the three Double Fine prototypes or pay more than the average to vote on and get Pendleton Ward's prototype as well. Or you can pay $35 to get to vote and download all of the prototypes, plus get all of the prototypes on DVD plus the 2-Player Productions documentary of the event on Blu-Ray.

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