Monday, June 16, 2008

Games for iPad

The iPad is a tablet computer that was released by Apple in North America on 04/03/10.

Not Yet Released
A space themed comedy adventure game from the Two Guys From Andromeda, the Space Quest creators.
A Vampyre Story goes episodic in Autumn Moon's five part prequel.

Telltale adapts the hit HBO series based on a series of novels into an episodic game.
A girl named Ana Eberling discovers her legacy in a form of a mysterious present by her father who went missing years ago.
Telltale tells tales of The Borderlands in this episodic adaptation of the hit videogame series by Gearbox.

While helping spirits move to the afterlife, Rosa finds herself having to deal with a foe that her aunt Lauren faced 35 years earlier.
After her aunt dies, Rosa Blackwell inherits her spirit guide, helps ghosts into the afterlife and discovers who is causing their deaths.
In 1973, Rosa's aunt Lauren works with her spirit guide Joey to help ghosts into the afterlife and ultimately discover who killed them.
Telltale brings classic fables to the modern era in their adaptation of the popular comic book series.
Telltale's adventure set in the world of The Walking Dead comics continues.

A gender ambiguous detective has fallen upon hard times, and ends up taking a high profile case to find a missing singer.
Bud Mudd claims to have found gold, so his brother Fester goes to Loamsmouth to find his brother and the gold.
In Joshua Nuernberger's dystopian future adventure, a law enforcer has to rescue his brother from Center 7.
A remake with improved art and music. Discover the truth of the murder of one the former members of your synagogue.
American lawyer Kate Walker is sent to France to finalize a takeover of a factory, but things take a different turn.

Venture into Jurassic Park in this episodic adventure series by Telltale Games.
Solve multiple cases with fan favorite characters from the entire run of the Law & Order franchise.
A captive in a hospital in a ravaged Buenos Aires learns that years have passed since his last memory.
Telltale Games' second season of the misadventures of everyone's favorite freelance police, Sam & Max.
Beware of the Walking Dead in Telltale's adaptation of the popular comic book and novel series.
Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, must solve three cases in this live action full motion video adventure.

A journalist visits an old man who claimed 60 years ago he saw a giant bird in the mysterious Amerzone region.
The episodic time traveling adventures of the cast from the Back to the Future movies.
Someone has kidnapped the prince, and it's up to two goblins, Winkle and Fingus, to rescue him.
The episodic adventures of a hot-headed foul-mouthed Detective Inspector named Hector.
The mystery of Scoggins will finally be solved in the sequel to Telltale's puzzle adventure game.
Telltale developed this installment. Guybrush tries to defeat LeChuck, and ends up cursing the entire Caribbean.

Enter Stauf's mansion and solve the riddles of the diabolical machinations inside.
The remastered edition with new art. Reveal a government cover-up, secrets to your past, and try to escape the city.
The director's cut with new art and gameplay. Investigate murder, uncover a conspiracy and clear your name.
The director's cut with new close-up art. Rescue your girlfriend and uncover the secrets behind the upcoming eclipse.
Only the second episode of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures is available on the iPad.
A voodoo doll causes King Angoulafre to go mad, so three gobliiins search for Niak the Wizard to help the king.
In this adventure game for children, open a manhole cover to find a beanstalk leading to fantastic worlds.
LucasArts' re-imagined version of the original Monkey Island with new high definition art, music, and voice overs.
LucasArts' special edition of the second Monkey Island with high definition art, music, and voice overs.
Locked inside an old house, search for treasure and uncover a murderer or else become the next victim.
Only the first episode of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse is available on the iPad.
An FBI agent must solve puzzles to uncover the truth behind the closing of an eraser factory.
Journey through a magical world, rescue a wizard, and defeat an evil sorcerer.
Foil the evil sorcerer Sordid's plans of revenge.