Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toonstruck Two Possible With Enough Fan Demand

A Toonstruck Two Petition has been started, which aims to collect enough fan demand to encourage publishers to put a special edition of Toonstruck (which would include both Toonstruck and the unreleased Toonstruck Two) into production. I haven't published this yet, because there have been some concerns raised as to the validity of the claims of Keith Arem's involvement in the petition. These concerns can be put to rest, as I contacted Mr. Arem, and verified that the claims are correct. Here's the portion of our brief conversation:

Jennifer: If you would not mind, could you please clarify as to whether you made (the quote listed on the Toonstruck Two petition).
Keith Arem: Yes, this correspondence is correct. We maintain all of the assets from the original production, and several of the original creators have expressed the desire to collaborate on a release of the entire project. Since the original production was fairly expensive, we are looking to demonstrate to our investors the true market potential of this release.

Jennifer: If possible, (what are) your thoughts about the fan petition?
Keith Arem: We would need a significant amount of fan support to push this back into production, but we are confident that the audience will justify its development. I appreciate your support, and look forward to getting this project back into production.

It should also be noted that the organizer of the petition recommends that you do not donate any money at the PetitionSpot petition. He does not know where the donated money goes, and all requests for information about the matter with the founder of PetitionSpot has been so far unanswered.

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