Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Vampyre Story: Year One

A Vampyre Story: Year One was announced last year, but I missed the news. It is the prequel to A Vampyre Story, a game by Autumn Moon Entertainment, lead by The Curse of Monkey Island art director Bill Tiller. This game will be downloadable and episodic, and will consist of five episodes. The game will feature Mona the vampire and Froderick the bat before the start of A Vampyre Story, and will let players explore new parts of Castle Warg and Draxylvania that weren't shown before.

The game will be available first as an exclusive on the Apple iPad, and a while later a PC version will be released.

Also, while I'm posting about A Vampyre Story, the original A Vampyre Story was added to the GameTap premium pack (for which a 14 day free trial is available), so if you're like me and have yet to play it, now's your chance.

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