Friday, February 18, 2011

King's Quest Reboot Coming from Telltale

The fourth game Telltale is working on is an episodic adventure game set in the world of Sierra's King's Quest (the rights of which now belong to Activision). The game is called a reboot, but Telltale's Steve Allison likened the reboot to Tales of Monkey Island, which was really a continuation of the storyline rather than a reboot of the franchise. He also stated the deal with Activision for King's Quest includes all new episodes and multiple series, so we might be seeing more than one season of King's Quest.

I've always wondered what a LucasArts-style King's Quest game would be like. Since Telltale were formed with mainly LucasArts veterans, and they employ an evolved version of that style with an episodic flair (which was originally going to be used in LucasArts' own Sam & Max Freelance Police, which itself led to Telltale's creation), it looks like I'm finally going to be able to find out. :)

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