Monday, June 16, 2008

Activision was founded in 1979 by a group of Atari programmers who were dissatisfied with Atari's then-current policy of not crediting the creators of the games.  In 1986, Activision purchased Infocom, which they later closed down in 1989. After the purchase, all Infocom games were developed by Activision, although the Infocom label was used until 1993.

In 1988, they branched out to other forms of software than video games, and changed the name of their corporate name to Mediagenic. Under the Mediagenic holding company, they continued to produce and publish games as Activision. Following a lawsuit that resulted in Mediagenic having to pay millions in damages, an investor group consisting of Robert Kotick and Brian Kelly purchased Mediagenic in 1990. They renamed the company back to Activision in 1992.

In December 2007, Activision merged with Vivendi Games (who owned Blizzard Entertainment through its ownership of Sierra), and the holding company became Activision Blizzard.  In July 2013, Activision Blizzard purchased most of Vivendi's shares of the Activision Blizzard stock to become an independent company.  As in the Mediagenic years, they still produce and publish games as Activision while under the Activision Blizzard holding company.

Re-releases of Infocom games are now published under the Activision label. The Sierra label was brought out of retirement in 2014.

Adventure Games developed by Activision:
A private in the Inquisition Guard is tasked to explore an unknown area of the Great Underground Empire.
Bring back magic to the world and stop the Grand Inquisitor from taking control with a world of technology.

A nameless adventurer is sent to the Forbidden Lands to investigate the disappearance of four prominent citizens.

Made by Activision under the Infocom label. You must put an end to the powers that have destroyed Zork's Valley of the Sparrows.

Made by Activision under the Infocom label. After hearing about Earth's victory, an alien seeks Earth's help in freeing his own planet.

Activision made the DOS and first CD version of this children's game. Opening a manhole cover reveals a beanstalk leading to new worlds.