Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pay What You Want For Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

The Humble Indie Bundle, where you pay what you want for a package of indie games and decide how to split your money between the developers and charity, is back in the form of the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle.

This bundle originally started out only including the game Frozen Synapse, but now it includes Space Chem, and the adventure game Trauma. In Trauma, you enter the mind of a woman who has been hospitalized after a car accident and try to make sense out of the images of her dreams.

If you pay more than the average price, you also get the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, which, while it doesn't include any adventure games, includes the games Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor, the prototype game Jack Claw, and a preorder for the puzzle game Splot.

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