Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playable SpaceVenture Prototype Demo Released

The Kickstarter for SpaceVenture, the planned space adventure game by Space Quest creators Two Guys From Andromeda, has released a playable prototype demo.

The prototype demo uses the Chrome browser, which is used simply to make development of the prototypes easier. The full game will not use Chrome and will not require a browser to play. An engine for the full game hasn't been decided upon yet. In the demo, you can already see the classic Space Quest humor and art style in full swing. There are three deaths to be found, along with the humorous dialog that always comes with the Space Quest deaths.

The next prototype will be released after the project reaches $300,000US, so be sure to pick a pledge level to back the game if you want to see an even more advanced prototype demo with more classic Space Quest-style humor.

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