Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sega To Publish Adventure Platformer "The Cave"

Sega is publishing a new adventure platformer by Ron Gilbert and Double Fine called The Cave. The game harkens back to Ron Gilbert's first game, Maniac Mansion. There are 7 classes of people to choose from to complete the game, each with their own skill set and abilities.


gnome said...

Hey Jenifer!

Keeping up the great work I see... Was wondering whether you'd like to post about the Adventure Bundle by Bundle In A Box.

It's over at

If you need anything, please do contact me here

Jennifer McMurray said...

I'm happy to help! :)

Thanks for reading the site, and thanks for the bundle. I picked up a copy for myself too. :)

gnome said...

Thank yo very much dear Jennifer! Deeply appreciate your support and I do hope you'll fully enjoy the bundle.