Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tex Murphy Joins the Kickstarter Bandwagon

The Project Fedora kickstarter proves once again that this year is definitely a great year for adventure fans. The project is one by yet another two adventure game veterans.

Chris Jones, who also plays Tex Murphy, and co-creator Aaron Conners have started Project Fedora to bring the 21st century's greatest down-on-his-luck private investigator back in a new full motion video adventure game. The game will take place where Overseer (and its infamous cliffhanger) left off, but the storyline will also be enjoyable to those who have never played a Tex Murphy game.

Like the other adventure game kickstarters, there are multiple tiers with a wide range of goodies. The game itself costs $15, and there are goodies ranging from downloadable art to a walk-on role (for $10,000US if you have cash to burn). As has become the standard since the Double Fine Adventure kickstarter, the $100 tier includes a collectors edition boxed version of Project Fedora, your name in the special thanks section of the credits, and the game's soundtrack on CD.

If you enjoy the Tex Murphy series, or just want to see a new sci-fi film-noir mystery adventure, then head over to the Project Fedora kickstarter and pick a tier.

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