Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reversion: The Escape and Indiegogo

Reversion is an adventure game by a small team in Argentina that is planned to have several chapters. The first chapter, The Escape is completely free.

The team started an indiegogo campaign (a crowd funding site like kickstarter for projects that are not USA based) to raise funds for the second chapter, The Meeting. They are aiming for $4,000, which isn't bad at all and is certainly doable.

The tier for a digital download for the game is $4. As this is funding for a single chapter, there is no tier for a boxed version this time. There is however, a T-shirt available at $60 and a big poster at $150, as well as many higher tiers such as the $1,800 tier in which you become a character in the game.

If you'd like to support Reversion chapter two, pick a tier and pledge your support at the Reversion: The Meeting indiegogo campaign.

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