Monday, July 16, 2012

Enter the Story: A Winter's Tale and Tempest

Chris Tolworthy continues his quest to make choose-your-own adventure games out of the world's best known literature. He has released two more games since I updated last. The games are based on A Winter's Tale and The Tempest, two plays by William Shakespeare that feature jealousy and treachery by royalty. A Winter's tale follows a servant who is ordered by the king to kill the king's childhood friend because he's blinded by jealousy and believes the friend is sleeping with his wife, although he is innocent. The Tempest sees a magician, the rightful Duke, who is banished by his jealous brother, get revenge on his brother by causing his ship to become shipwrecked by a magical tempest. The games are partially playable online and can be unlocked by ordering the games in a bundle for $15. The bundle also includes the five original offline adventure games created with Adventure Game Studio.

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