Friday, November 9, 2012

Hero-U By Quest for Glory Creators Is On Kickstarter

The Hero-U Road to Redemption Kickstarter is the lastest crowd funding effort by a popular former adventure game designer. This time it's a project by Lori and Corey Cole, the creators of Sierra's Quest for Glory series. The new project is a 2D RPG adventure hybrid, which is more the style of RPG games than the adventure style of the original four Quest for Glory games. It's to be co-developed by Brawsome, the creator of the adventure game Jolly Rover and the RPG/puzzle hybrid MacGuffin's Curese.

Like the other adventure kickstarters, there are different tiers to choose from with different rewards including a collector's box version at the $150 USD tier. The kickstarter ends in 11 days, and they're currently at just over half of their $400,000 USD goal.

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