Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Vampyre Story: Year One Kickstarter Is Live

The crowd funding campaign for A Vampyre Story: Year One, the prequel to Bill Tiller's A Vampyre Story, is now live on Kickstarter!

The game, which is set in the first year that Mona is captive in Castle Warg, begins when she first meets Froderick the bat. It is episodic (on Facebook, Bill Tiller mentioned that the first episode will tentatively be called Spring, with the other three being the remaining seasons of Year One), and the first episode should be about one third the size of A Vampyre Story, and have about five total hours of game play.

The Kickstarter goal is $200,000 for episode one, and (according to the afforementioned Facebook page) the other episodes could be funded through this kickstarter as well, depending on how much money is pledged.

The minimum tier with the download of the first episode is available for only $8 (with beta access included!). If you pledge higher, you'll get a soundtrack download at $25, a digital artbook at $50, a special collector's "big box" version (made with the dimensions of the Curse of Monkey Island box) at $100, a hardcover art book at $500, and even more goodies at the higher premium tiers. So, choose your tier and pledge your support for this classic style adventure game.

For those of you wondering about A Vampyre Story 2: A Bat's Tale, the reason that one's not being Kickstarted is because the rights lie with the publisher, Crimson Cow.  But, Bill Tiller did mention on Facebook that if this Kickstarter does well, the chances of A Vampyre Story 2 coming out soon ("fall 2014 or sooner") go way up.