Friday, September 13, 2013

Bill Tiller Is Now Working On The Perils of Man

His first Kickstarter campaign may not have been successful, but we will still see a Bill Tiller (lead artist of Curse of Monkey Island, creator of A Vampyre Story and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island) adventure later this year.

He is working with IF Games, which is a new game studio opened by the Swiss animation house Boutiq, on a two part adventure game for the iPad titled The Perils of Man.  Each part will contain between 2 to 3 hours of gameplay.  It involves time travel that will revolve around events through time that "spans 150 years, darting from a tramp freighter adrift in the South China seas to impending disaster at the Chicago World's Fair, bringing a host of unforgettable characters, perilous exploits, and existential riddles along for the ride."  You will explore the "mysterious chronicle of history’s disasters and catastrophes", and use your ability to "timewalk to real-world events from the gilded age of scientific invention."

Both parts will be released completely for free, since the game serves as an advertisement for the 150-year anniversary of the insurance company Swiss Re. The game will not be cluttered with ads for the insurance company, however, as the only branding in the game is said to be the Swiss Re logo in the game's credits.  The exploration of risk throughout the gameplay itself and the game's storyline serve as the advertisement.  The game is said to contain a "special gameplay mechanic that reveals a hidden matrix of cause and effect".  And you will "command the fates of thousands by mastering a hidden technology that gives the player the ability to foresee risk."

The first part will be released for the iPad this October, and the second part is expected to be released some time before the end of this year.

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