Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition Announced

Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition is a high definition remake of the original 1993 adventure Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, which will be created by series creator Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road studio and Moebius developer Phoenix Online Studios.

This game is the Mystery Game X which was announced last year.   Jane Jensen has been pitching a Gabriel Knight game many times over the years, to three different rights holders of the series, and she credits the success of the Pinkerton Road kickstarter with finally getting Activision to work out a deal.

The remake’s story and gameplay will remain faithful to the original, but the artwork and voices are being completely redone. According to Jane Jensen, the art will "stay true to the spirit of the original but, since we have such better resolution, [they worked] in a lot more New Orleans flavor and voodoo flavor where we could".  The loss of the original voice recordings required the voices to be re-recorded.  The voice recordings will be handled by Bay Area Sound, the studio responsible for the voice recordings in Telltale's games.

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