Friday, April 4, 2014

Dead Synchronicity Kickstarter Campaign

There is a new crowdfunding campaign up on Kickstarter for an adventure game titled Dead Synchronicity.  It is described as a 2D point and click adventure game featuring space-time distortions, a dystopian atmosphere and a dark, bloodstained plot.  If funded, it will be released for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPad.

If you want to back it there are many tiers to choose from, such as a digital download of the game at $15, a digital download of the game and either a digital artbook or digital soundtrack at $25 (or all three plus alpha and beta access at $35), all previous rewards plus printed poster at $50 (or signed at $65), all previous rewards plus a boxed copy of the game at $90, up to a meeting in Madrid to meet the team (which is a paid trip with three nights in a luxury hotel and tickets to watch a soccer game) at $10,000.  So, if a dark point and click adventure with a unique art style sounds interesting to you, head to the Dead Synchronicity Kickstarter to pick a tier and back the project.

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