Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wadjet Eye Will Publish A Golden Wake This Fall

Wadjet Eye Games has issued a press release that it will publish the first commercial adventure game by Grundislav Games (the creator of the popular free adventure game series Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator) this Fall.

A Golden Wake is a nostalgic adventure that spans two dramatic decades in American history. Set in the era of Gatsby with a plot that includes real people, locations, and events, A Golden Wake has story- and puzzle-driven gameplay, retro-styled pixel art, and a point-and-click interface reminiscent of classics like King’s Quest and Monkey Island. Alfie’s power of persuasion will play a unique role as he analyzes other characters’ attitudes and weaknesses to figure out the best way to approach them.

A Golden Wake will be released this Fall via digital download for PC.

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