Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Adventuress Has A New Template

I've updated The Adventuress to use a new template. I'm working on formatting the posts and pages to fit better fit the new template, so you might see things in a bit of an odd state for the next few days. I've been holding off on this for years. But it's really time. The old template was for the original Blogger, and was really just held together with staples and glue at this point.

 The sidebar began being obstructed by an imageshack image a few days ago in Safari browsers. So, that was the pebble that broke the dam, and today I finally made the switch over. I offer much appreciation that you've continued to visit here over the years, even as the site was getting increasingly unwieldy, and I thank you for your patience in the next few days while everything is worked out.

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