Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Wolf Among Us: A Crooked Mile Review

The third episode of The Wolf Among Us delivers another great episode as it takes us deeper into Bigby's investigation, as he realizes the scope of his investigation is bigger than he had previously thought.

The episode begins with Bigby having to confront the person who he had discovered had been committing crimes against Fabletown in the last episode.  The story is getting more intense than ever, and just as it seems Bigby is finally on his way towards finding out who is behind everything, another spanner is thrown into the works. 

On top of the excellent story, this episode introduces an excellent secondary villain that comes from a popular urban legend.  That character is delivered perfectly, from the sinister animations in the facial expressions, to the fantastic voice work.  The animation and voice work of the other characters also continue to be a high point here, with every character receiving just as much attention to detail, and every actor delivering their lines superbly.  The music is once again great, fitting the mood of the game perfectly.  The background art is also once again top notch, with the new locations showing all the dirt and grit that you'd expect from the lower rungs of a hidden community in New York City.

The lack of puzzles and direct controlled action once again isn't too much of a problem, as the choice based character interaction system is used to great detail here.  This episode also contains the game's first direct story based choice.  Midway through the season, the advertising tagline of Bigby either helping those around him or giving into his wolf side is in full force.

A Crooked Mile meets the high standards set by the first few episodes, and exceeds them.  The lack of puzzles and direct controlled action is overshadowed by the excellent use of the choice based character interaction system, and the first true story changing event of the season.  The new secondary villain is excellent, both in appearance and voice, and the depictions of the other characters are her equal in every way.  The backgrounds and music also continue to be exceptional, and add to the gritty atmosphere of the story.  The Wolf Among Us is truly shaping up to be a great season.

Final Verdict:

4½ out of 5

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