Monday, November 17, 2014

17th Anniversary of My First Adventure Game Website

You may have noticed some changes behind the scenes the past few days. I have decided to merge my adventure game websites, as having two is redundant, and it's hard to maintain both.

My other website was originally opened on November 17, 1997 as a Monkey Island fan page titled the Mega Monkey page.  It expanded into a LucasArts fan site on September 18, 1998. It briefly expanded into a general adventure game website called Real Adventure on April 25, 2000, before returning to focusing solely on LucasArts games as I felt a general adventure website was too much for one person to handle at the time. Of course, this site is now a general adventure game website, so my goal has been fulfilled and my idea for an adventure game website has come full circle.

I'm merging all of the old Mega Monkey updates to this website.  I have already added most of the news archives from 1997 to 2000, and I'm working on adding the rest.  This should be fairly painless, as it's all behind the scenes, but if you see any weird news popping up on the RSS or twitter feeds, you'll know what it is.

Thanks for understanding, and thanks for your continued support of both The Adventuress and Mega Monkey over the years.  I appreciate it a lot.

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