Monday, November 3, 2014

Sales, Releases, and Previews

For the next couple of hours, you can pick up The Journey Down: Chapter One on Steam for less than $1 USD. If you hurry, you can also continue the journey for a discount, as Chapter Two is on sale on Steam as well, for 10% off the usual price.

If you're wondering how the third and final chapter of The Journey Down is coming along, you can head over to the Skygoblin website, where they have some work in progress sketches of locations you'll visit in Chapter Three, as well as some hints as to what the game will be like.  They're aiming for an 80′s action movie feel for this chapter, in contrast to the noir vibes of previous chapters, which make for an exciting finale.

The Shadowgate remake has been updated with a quest for Halloween entitled the Dread Pumpkin Quest. The update also comes with new features, such as additional achievements. additional options and keybinds, the ability to play with retro graphics, a new Iron Man mode that increases the challenge of the game, an advanced hint system, a key to highlights all objects that can be interacted with in a room, a new tutorial system, an additional game mode for those new to the Shadowgate universe, and a wheel based command system.

Also, if you pledged high enough on the Massive Chalice crowdfunding campaign but couldn't test the beta right away since it was originally Windows only and you use Mac or Linux, you're in luck. The 0.83 beta patch was released on Halloween with Mac and Linux support.

While we're on the subject of Double Fine, Brutal Legend Limited Edition is shipping now after a short delay. If you already ordered it, you should be getting an e-mail with a tracking code shortly. If you missed the October 23rd deadline, don't worry, as you'll be able to pick it up after all the boxes have shipped for $25, while supplies last.

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