Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Codename Cygnus Has Been Updated With a Free Episode Designed by Dave Grossman

It seems that Dave Grossman joining Reactive Studios brought some interesting changes to their Codename Cygnus interactive audio adventure.

The latest update for iOS and Android brings a new mission to their spy drama, Holiday Party.  It's the first story designed by Dave Grossman, and it makes many changes to make the series less linear, and more interactive.  According to their blog it adds multiple choices for paths through the plot, leading to three different endings.

The best part is it's free to download.  You just have to download the app, and you can download and jump right into this episode.  You don't have to purchase the rest of the episodes to play this one.  It's a nice holiday treat from Reactive Studios and Dave Grossman, and is a sample of the experimental ideas that Dave Grossman is going to be bringing to the table during his tenure at Reactive.

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