Friday, January 2, 2015

Adventure Gamers Interview With Dave Grossman

Adventure Gamers has posted an informative interview with Dave Grossman about leaving Telltale, joining Reactive Studios as chief creative officer on their interactive audio dramas, working with Bill Tiller on Duke Grabowski: Mighty Swashbuckler, and hints at future projects.

On the subject of the latter, he's going to be helping out with another game project that had a successful Kickstarter, but he can't talk about that yet.  Even though he's working from home now, 2015 certainly looks to be a busy year.


JohnF said...

I'm sure you noticed who was doing the interviewing, too -- another former Telltale staffer!

That was a very interesting article. Thanks for linking to it. I thought it was interesting that Brian Moriarty is also (at least tangentally) involved.

Jennifer McMurray said...

Yeah. It must have been interesting for Emily to conduct that interview. Catching up on old times. :D

I’m pretty excited for the future of Reactive Studios actually, as an audio text adventure is the direction I was hoping they’d head in when they got Dave Grossman on board, and having Brian Moriarty onboard too is just icing on the cake.