Friday, April 24, 2015

Order of the Thorne And Roehm To Ruin On Kickstarter

There is a kickstarter going on for three new games from Infamous Quests, the creator of Quest from Infamy. The first game that will be funded by this campaign is Roehm To Ruin, prequel to Quest for Infamy, where more is revealed about where Roehm came from, and how he got himself into the mess that led him to flee to the Valley of Krasna.

 The kickstarter also will fund two episodes of Order of the Thorne, an anthology series where games and stories are set within the same land, but have different protagonists and stories in each game. The episodes which will be produced as a result of this Kickstarter include The King's Challenge, which is about an intrepid bard who embarks on the King's Challenge to save his Queen, and The Fortress of Fire, which follows Patrick "Addy", a young Squire to seasoned veteran knight, who is in for the fight of his life, as he sets off on a quest to save his waylaid master as they set off to explore the mysterious "Fortress of Fire".

There is currently eight days left at the campaign, so if this interests you, head over to the kickstarter page and pick a pledge tier.

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