Friday, May 15, 2015

Hero-U Heads To Kickstarter Again For Additional Funding

Hero-U, the adventure RPG hybrid by the Quest for Glory creators, is nearing completion, but it still needs some funding in order to cross the finish line. Corey and Lori Ann Cole have begun a second kickstarter for the game.  The reason why they are going to Kickstarter a second time is because the game has become larger than they originally planned, and after putting as much of their own money as they possibly can into the project on top of the Kickstarter money, they are seeking funding for the final year of development for the game.

They are currently just under half way to their goal with a month left in the campaign.  They have several new tiers in this new campaign, as well as some familiar ones as well.  If you backed the previous Kickstarter but want to back this one as well, they have also posted an update that explains how to up your pledge from their last campaign in case you wish to upgrade to a higher tier this time.

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