Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dave Grossman Designing Futurama Mobile Game

Dave Grossman, co-designer of the first two Monkey Island games and Day of the Tentacle, as well as the director of design at Telltale for most of their existence, is designing the new Futurama mobile game that was teased at E3 earlier this year.

Futurama: Game of Drones will be written by Futurama producer and writer Patrick Verronne, who wrote some of the best episodes of the series, including The Problem With Popplers.

According to the press release, it will have an original story line set in the Futurama universe that follows the Planet Express crew as they compete with shipping monopoly MomCo. Players will control networks of drones in order to solve puzzles and advance the story.

Futurama is one of the titles that was on my wishlist for games to be turned into adventure games for years, and, although this won't be the same, Dave Grossman is one of my favorite designers, so it should be a lot of fun.

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