MIC, the McMurray Internet Channel, is one of the release names I use for my creations. It began on October 27, 1996, with the launch of my website, MIC World. On February 13, 1997, MIC was used for my internet television station, as the McMurray Internet-Broadcasting Channel, which became one of the first 24-hour internet television stations when it was expanded to those hours on April 1, 1997.

These are the adventure games I created over the years that are collected under the MIC umbrella.

My Adventure games:
A storybook game that was created as part of the first FEMICOM Game Jam.  It follows a transexual girl named Jamie.

Doug the Ogre uses Merlin's belt to control a portal to alternate universes and finds himself stranded on an island with Moai heads.

Gus the bear receives a phone call. He leaves to meet the caller, but several obstacles prevent him from doing so.